Let McLemore Law Expunge or Seal Your Criminal Record

  • You deserve a fresh start, a new beginning at rebuilding your life and clearing your good name.  Unfortunately, your past criminal record can hinder your future, affecting everything from finding employment and obtaining credit to possessing a gun and renting an apartment.

  • Even if you were acquitted of a charge, or your case was dismissed, dropped or not filed, your arrest record remains unsealed and open. A prospective employer or landlord can see that you were arrested. 

  • Expungement or sealing of your record makes that record unavailable to the public.  You can apply to have your criminal record expunged or sealed.

  • There are many different laws in Arkansas that could apply to your case. You need an expungement attorney who fully understands the law on expungement of criminal records.

  • McLemore Law may be able to help by having your criminal record expunged, thus sealing your arrest from landlords, creditors and potential employers. It’s as if the crime never happened. 


You’ve done everything the courts have asked. Why let past mistakes affect your future? Let McLemore Law seal your criminal record so you can get on with your life.


Are you eligible ?

Certain conditions, including waiting periods for expungements, apply before a criminal record can be sealed in Arkansas.

No Waiting Period

For charges that were dropped, dismissed, not filed or of which you were acquitted. 

60-Day Waiting Period

For many misdemeanors following completion of sentence. Some examples of misdemeanors under Arkansas law include public intoxication, assault in the third degree (often verbal threats), and disorderly conduct. 

Five-Year Waiting Period 

The following misdemeanors require a five-year waiting period:

• Domestic battery in the third degree

• Sexual assault in the fourth degree

• Driving or boating while intoxicated

• Battery in the third degree

• Indecent exposure

• Class A negligent homicide

• Public sexual indecency



Records that Cannot Be Sealed or Expunged

  • Manslaughter

  • Violent felony

  • Felony sex offense

  • Class A or B felony that is not a drug offense

  • Class Y felony

  • Unclassified felony that carries a maximum sentence of more than 10 years

  • Felony that required you to be incarcerated in the Arkansas Department of Corrections

  • Traffic offense if, at the time of your conviction, you held a commercial driver’s license or a commercial driver’s permit 



Let Us Help

Filing a petition to seal your criminal record can be complicated, and the laws and procedures can change at any time. 

You need an expungement attorney who is familiar with the laws about sealing criminal records, and with the court system. A trusted lawyer can advocate for you in ways that you cannot. 

Contact us to see if your conviction is eligible for sealing. 


Why McLemore Law

Kent McLemore has been a trial lawyer since 1990. As a criminal defense lawyer, he has been involved in high-stakes cases in Northwest Arkansas, where he is one of the few criminal defense attorneys in Arkansas certified to represent individuals facing the death penalty. 

At the same time, Kent is known for his compassion and concern for clients trying to navigate the court system for misdemeanors. He doesn’t believe that a mistake in the past should determine your future. 

Kent is committed to protecting your rights and your freedom.