Protect your child’s freedom and future

Young people make mistakes. Should your student or young adult’s future depend on one bad decision? Let McLemore defend your student. 

A DUI, DWI, possession of drugs, or other criminal charge can seem like a tragedy to a parent. It is a very serious situation. A conviction for a DUI charge will stay on your son or daughter’s record and can affect a job search, credit check, and many other key milestones of adult life. 

A DUI arrest can also be an emotional roller coaster for a parent, as you worry about your child’s health and safety. You probably fear that your young adult may go to jail, lose a scholarship, or be unable to gain a professional license.  You want to support your child, of course, but you probably don’t know what to do. 

Especially if your child is far from home, perhaps a student at the University of Arkansas or a young professional new to Northwest Arkansas. Chances are you don’t know a Fayetteville attorney. You will definitely need one. 

If your child calls you with news of an arrest, remember that he or she is probably within hearing of the police. It’s important that you prevent your child from telling you all about the event. Let him know that he can tell you everything later, but that he should stay silent until his attorney arrives. It is the law enforcement officers’ job to build a case against your child. Your student will need the support of an experienced DUI lawyer who knows Arkansas DUI law and the Northwest Arkansas court system. 



Let Us Help

A trusted DUI attorney with extensive experience with drug cases and DUI/DWI offenses, Kent McLemore has the background to help your son or daughter. Criminal cases are confusing and frightening. You need an experienced DUI lawyer to see you through this difficult experience.


Why McLemore Law

Kent McLemore has been a trial lawyer since 1990. He is one of the few criminal defense lawyers in Arkansas certified to defend people facing the death penalty. He has taught at the University of Arkansas Law School and mentored young lawyers. McLemore Law brings the experience and expertise you need, as well as a firm determination to protect your freedom and your future.